40th Seminar Sophus Lie


Programme [pdf-file]

Please note: The Castle Rauischholzhausen does not haven any larger blackboards, only a flip chart for writing short comments. We recommend to use a laptop with beamer or overhead transparencies. If you do not want to bring your own laptop, we can provide one (please bring your talk on memory stick in pdf format then).

Boards for a poster session are available at the Castle. All participants are invited to make a contribution to it.

Thursday 6.1. Friday 7.1. Saturday 8.1.
9:00-9:50: Bent ├śrsted (Aarhus) 9:00-9:50: Michael Pezvner (Reims)
Universal principles for Kazdan-Warner type identities Geometric analysis of minimal representations
10:00-10:30: coffee break 10:00-10:30: coffee break
arrival 10:30-11:20: Martin Schlichenmaier (Luxemburg) 10:30-11:20: Yury A. Neretin (Vienna / Moscow)
Almost-graded central extensions of Lax operator algebras Multioperator colligations and their characteristic functions
11:30-12:10: Jing Naihuan (North Carolina State U) 11:30-12:20: Miroslav Englis (Prague)
McKay correspondence for 2-parameter quantum affine algebras Peter-Weyl decomposition of Toeplitz quantizations
lunch break lunch break
14:00-14:50: Genkai Zhang (Göteborg) 14:00-14:40: Wolfgang Bertram (Nancy)
Invariant Kähler metrics and Laplace- Beltrami operators on Siegel-Jacobi spaces On Jordan-Lie algebras
15:00-15:40: Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya) 14:50-15:30: Michel Goze (Mulhouse)
Kähler coordinates for a homogeneous bounded domain Deformations of Lie algebras and Poisson algebras
15:50-16:20: coffee break 15:40-16:00: coffee break
16:20-17:00: Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos (Patras) 16:00-16:40: Christoph Wockel (Hamburg)
Recent progress on homogeneous Einstein metrics on generalized flag manifolds Cohomology theories for Lie groups
17:00: bus departing near Marburg Hauptbahnhof 17:00: bus departing at Castle main entrance
19:00: dinner 19:00: Conference dinner (buffet & music) 18:00: dinner (if booked)

Ilka Agricola, Monika Teubner / 20.12.2010