Nonlinear Elliptic Differential Equations, Bifurcation and Local Dynamics of the Parabolic Systems, in particular Numerical Methods and Adaptivity

The scientific committee Eugene Allgower, Klaus Böhmer, Susanne Brenner, and Eusebius Doedel offers this international workshop

from Wednesday, June 22, to Friday, June 24, 2011.

The focus for these three days will be on nonlinear elliptic partial differential equations, with emphasis on numerical methods. New methods for the bifurcation analysis and local dynamics of corresponding parabolic systems will also be discussed, as well as their application to problems of current interest.
The topics have been chosen in order to stimulate new research in numerical methods for nonlinear elliptic PDEs, and their application in bifurcation and in the local dynamics, via center manifolds, of nonlinear parabolic equations. With the theory and numerical algorithms for ODEs already being in an advanced state, our goal in this workshop is to stimulate corresponding developments for PDEs, where there remain important gaps in the theoretical understanding of nonlinear phenomena, and in tools for their numerical exploration.
The main topics from Mathematical and Numerical Analysis address problems very much of current interest. In particular, nonlinear elliptic PDEs and their numerical methods, have recently attracted renewed attention. Many internationally prominent colleagues, who work in areas related to the above title, will participate in our workshop, cf. the program. To further stimulate the diversity of interactions, researchers from Mathematical Analysis and from the ODE Numerical Bifurcation community will participate as well. The workshop programme offers half-hour lectures, morning and afternoon breaks of 30 minutes, and a two-hour lunch break, to allow for suffcient discussion time in rooms set up for this purpose. The lectures will be in the "Alte Aula" of the University, which provides a unique ambiance. Lectures with not yet published results can be submitted to a special issue of JCAM.
To further stimulate interaction among the members of this diverse group of experts, we plan several social events, including a get-together on Tuesday afternoon at the reception room in the Guest house of the university in the old botanical garden, an evening for the active musicians in Klaus Böhmer's house on Wednesday evening, a reception on Thursday evening in the Gothic "Rittersaal" of the Marburg castle, a guided tour to the historic cities of Marburg, and a guided bus tour to Limburg and Weilburg. For the interested there will be a concert of the "Schlossfestival Weilburg", in the nearby Baroque residence of the Grand Dukes of Luxemburg.

Workshop poster

You can download the workshop poster here.


Tuesday, June 21

Wednesday, June 22: Start of the workshop in the "alte Aula" of the university

Thursday, June 23: Workshop in the "alte Aula" of the university

Friday, June 24: Workshop in the "alte Aula" of the university

Further informations

There will be a special issue for this workshop in JCAM.

This Workshop is sponsored by the Deutschen Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) and the Ursula-Kuhlmann-Fonds.