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Download the Eden Compiler (source distribution)

Download a source bundle of Eden-6.12.3 (based on GHC-6.12.3):


or get the latest sources using darcs:
  • darcs get http://james.mathematik.uni-marburg.de:8080/darcs/ghc-6.12-eden/ghc
  • cd ghc
  • chmod u+x darcs-all
  • ./darcs-all get
There is also a repository snapshot available: ghc-6.12.3-eden-2011-06-14_darcs.tar.gz

Platform support

The Eden System has been successfully built and tested on 32- and 64-bit iX86 Linux systems. Other platforms are currently not supported.


To build GHC with Eden support, you need:
  • a working GCC
  • the archive above (gzipped, extract with tar xzf ...)
  • a working GHC, preferably versions 6.8, 6.10 or 6.12
  • other tools you need to build GHC 6.12.3 (suitable version of happy, perl, ...)
  • To compile and run Eden programs in parallel, you need PVM and/or MPI, e.g. Open MPI (must be installed and correctly configured prior to building Eden). Otherwise it will only be possible to use an sequential simulation of the Eden features.

See our Build Page for more information.
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