YaMLib - Yet Another Media Library


Welcome to the pages of the YaMLib project.

Here you will find information, descriptions, explanations and downloads about and of YaMLib.
Experience a powerful, innovative project serving for management and playback of multimedia files.

What is YaMLib?
YaMLib - Yet another Media Library - is a program serving to manage and play back different multimedia format files (mp3, ogg, wav). The management of the given media data is prior to the program, which thus shall provide comfort and overview to the user in many respects; thanks to an intelligent media library- and playlist-system, YaMLib offers a great deal of functions that take care of exactly these tasks.
To make the creation of playlists worthwhile, YaMLib simultaneously is an easy to apply play back program. Two powerful programs merged to one, THAT is YaMLib!
Why just another program of this kind?
In the worldwide web as well as in store there are huge amounts of offers for all kinds of play back programs and media managers; so why another program of this kind?
Well, YaMLib is different. YaMLib combines the functionality of an archive and a playing device in a single easy to use system which in addition (due to the Java Virtual Machine) runs independent from the user's operating system. Thus YaMLib tunes on to a rather revolutionary concept; that really leaves nothing to be desired, doesn't it?
What does the program look like?
YaMLib has many faces; after all, it can look exactly the way you wish, but there's a standard outfit that will provide you with all the program's functionality at the first start-up; and that is what it looks like:

YaMLib's default skin
What about charges? Do I have to pay anything for YaMLib?
YaMLib is free for public use, regarding the GPL (GNU General Public License) guidelines and thus the guidelines of Open Source. Provided that the names of the originators of the program are mentioned, distribution and duplication of YaMLib as well as the alteration of the source files of the individual program components are permitted without limitation. More information about Open Source can be found at this address: http://www.opensource.org/docs/definition.php. The proper GPL specification is available at this site as well as at: http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/gpl.html
Exception to the terms mentioned above is the graphical user interface (GUI). The latter is provided free upon kind approval by Mr. Timm Meyer ( http://www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~timmm ) for the users of YaMLib, but it may not be altered regarding its state and constitution. The GUI source files may neither be decompiled nor used in other programs. Breach of these rules means to infringe copyright and is thus avenged by juridical penalty.
And who did develop this program?
YaMLib has been planned, designed and coded as a team project of the programming group I of the "Softwaretechnik-Anfänger-Praktikum" in summer semester 2004 in the Department 12 of Philipps-University of Marburg.
The coders in detail:
Antje Schultz
Benjamin Weber
Daniar Achakeyev
Daniel Rudolph
Daniel Wenske
Dennis Bock
Dominic Finke
Florian Schwarz
Gassan Gousseinov
Gregor Bonifer
Ivo Pacák (Tutor)
Jan Königsfeld
Jan Neuvians
Jörn Ruhlender
Karsten Kopjar
Ke Jin
Khalid Ballafkir
Lars Baumgärtner
Lyuben Manolov
Magnus Dau
Matthias Weigand
Michael Lemler

Miroslav Petrov
Nasim Mofidian
Robert Socol
Simone Pulch
Slawomir Messner
Tanja Reinhold
Timm Meyer
Timo Steiner
Tonio Koletzky

Ulrike Georgi
Yuchen Deng