Dr. Panagiotis Konstantis

Assistant for Prof. Dr. Ilka Agricola
Member of the Research group "Differential Geometry and Analysis"


FB 12 / Mathematik und Informatik
Philipps-Universität Marburg
Hans-Meerwein-Straße / Lahnberge
35032 Marburg

E-mail: pako(at)mathematik.uni-marburg.de [(at)=@]
Tel.: + (49) (6421) 28-25468

Office: MZG, 08A05

Office Hours

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Research interests

Differential geometry
Mathematical aspects of general relativity and cosmology
Homotopy theory


Accepted and published

2017 The Hopf problem on the (non)-existence of complex structures on S^6, Ilka Agricola, Giovanni Bazzoni, Oliver Goertsches, Panagiotis Konstantis, Sönke Rollenske, to appear in Differential Geometry and its Applications
A note on the topology of SO(3)-manifolds, Panagiotis Konstantis, to appear in Topology and its Applications (arXiv)
Almost complex structures on spheres, Panagiotis Konstantis, Maurizio Parton, to appear in Differential Geometry and its Applications (ArXiv)
2016 A classification of isometry groups of homogeneous 3-manifolds, Panagiotis Konstantis, Frank Loose, Math. Nachr. 289, No. 13, 1648-1664 (pdf)


2016 On complexes homotopy equivalent to sphere bundles over spheres, Panagiotis Konstantis, Achim Krause, in preperation
2016 Singular oscillatory integrals in equivariant cohomology. Residue formulae for basic differential forms on general symplectic manifolds, Panagiotis Konstantis, Benjamin Küster, Pablo Ramacher, in preperation (arXiv)
2014 Bianchi's classification of 3-dimensional Lie algebras revisited,  Manuel Glas, Panagiotis Konstantis, Achim Krause, Frank Loose, submitted (arXiv)