Feb 27th 2020

Symposium on Interdisciplinary Bioinformatics
and Biomedical Data Science


09:00 Registration
10:00 Welcome
10:15 Keynote: Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Janssen (University Giessen)
11:15 Bioinformatics short talks
12:00 Lunch
13:30 Keynote: Prof. Dr. Marcel H. Schulz (University Frankfurt)
14:30 Medical Data Science short talks
15:00 Short Coffee Break
15:15 Medical Informatics short talks
16:15 Poster Session with coffee
18:00 End

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In order to optimally benefit from the synergy effects of Bio- and Biomedical Informatics at the University of Marburg, close networking between corresponding Groups and faculties such as Mathematics & Computer Science, Biology, Medicine and Pharmacy are essential. The Symposium will offer an appropriate platform to support such interdisciplinary communication and interaction, to foster collaborations for all career levels in research and education. A variety of keynotes and short presentations emphasize synergies and open up space for exchange, networking and collaborations.

keynote speakers

Prof. Dr. Marcel H. Schulz University Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. Stefan M. Janssen University Giessen


The symposium is targeted at junior researchers (students, PhDs, and postdocs), as well as senior researchers and principal investigators to foster connections between research groups. In the scope of diverse presentations, the participants have the opportunity to network, exchange ideas, and draft new collaborative projects. In particular, we encourage young researchers to actively participate in the symposium. Therefore, we are organizing a workshop on "Creating and Presenting Posters" on the 17th of February 2020. It is open to all bachelor, master and PhD students of the different faculties (Mathematics & Computer Science, Biology, Pharmacy, and Medicine). We appreciate the posters to present the researcher's work. Participants of the workshop are invited to present their posters at the poster session of the symposium.

Download the detailed workshop schedule.



Dp. Biology Professor Dr. Stefan Rensing (Centre for Biological Signalling Studies) Dp. Mathematics & Computer Science Professor Dr. Dominik Heider (AG Bioinformatics) Dr. Anne-Christin Hauschild (JG Medical Informatics) Dr. Georges Hattab (JG Bioinformatics) Dp. Medicine Professor Dr. Ho Chung (Medical Bioinformatics and Biostatistics) Professor Dr. Markus Luster (Nuclear Medicine) Dp. Pharmacy Prof. Dr. Peter Kolb (Pharmaceutical Chemistry) Center for Synthetic Micro Bilology Dr. Marcus Lechner (Core Facility Leader Bioinformatics) Dr. Patrick Sobetzko (JRG Chromosome Biology)

on the long run

We hope this symposium to be the starting point for a sequence of meetings that will be occurring on a regular yearly / bi-yearly basis. That way we aim to establish and maintain multidisciplinary collaborations within the UMR as well as with industrial partners and prepare junior researchers for modern professional requirements.

your contact

Dr. Anne-Christin Hauschild Email: hauschild@uni-marburg.de Phone: +49 6421 2821625

Prof. Dr. Dominik Heider Email: dominik.heider@uni-marburg.de Phone: +49 6421 2821579