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Master Thesis (M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik)
(dt. Masterarbeit (M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik))

Level, degree of commitment in original study programme Thesis module, required module
Forms of teaching and learning,
Private study unter Anleitung (Anfertigen der Masterarbeit), Öffentlicher Vortrag (Verteidigung der Arbeit),
900 hours (900 h private study)
Credit points,
formal requirements
30 CP
Translation missing. German original:
Masterarbeit mit Disputation (Gewichtung gemäß § 23 der Prüfungsordnung)
German oder mit Zustimmung der Betreuerin oder des Betreuers in English,
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for study course M.Sc. Business Informatics. Im Falle des Nichtbestehens stehen für die Prüfung insgesamt 2 Versuche zur Verfügung.
Original study programme M.Sc. Wirtschaftsinformatik / Abschlussbereich
6 months,
each semester
Person in charge of the module's outline All lecturers of Computer Sciences


Based on knowledge acquired in one or several modules of the Master's programme, a research-oriented topic is assigned to the student by the supervisor. The student and the supervisor discuss and select suitable scientific methods which will be employed during the preparation of the thesis.

Qualification Goals

The students, supervised by a thesis advisor, are able to work on a comprehensive topic from the field of Business Informatics and apply suitable scientific methods. They are able to communicate the results of thesis in written and oral form.


Translation is missing. Here is the German original:

Es müssen mindestens 66 LP erworben worden sein.

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