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Industrial Internship
(dt. Industriepraktikum)

Level, degree of commitment in original study programme Practical module, required module
Forms of teaching and learning,
Internship außerhalb der Universität,
180 hours (Das internship soll mindestens sechs Wochen dauern)
Credit points,
formal requirements
6 CP
Course requirement:
Examination type: During the internship, the trainee writes a report on the work performed. The internship is confirmed by the host company (by countersigning the internship report or by a separate certificate).
Das Modul ist unbenotet gemäß der Prüfungsordnung für den Studiengang B.Sc. Mathematics.
Original study programme B.Sc. Mathematik / Praxismodule
In jeder vorlesungsfreien Zeit
Person in charge of the module's outline Die oder der Vorsitzende des Prüfungsausschusses


Internship in a business enterprise or an institution that is not directly related to the university. The supervision is in charge of a university professor and the host company. In cases of doubt, the examination board will decide on the admissibility of the internship. It is the trainee's responsibility to establish contact with the business enterprise or institution in which the internship is being carried out and with the university professor who is supposed to supervise the internship.

Qualification Goals

The students shall

  • use typical study contents to solve problems that occur in economic or technical practice,
  • improve their ability to work in a team through the necessary integration into external working groups of a company,
  • practice proving yourself in an environment outside the university,
  • Develop initiative in the search for internships and research about the companies or institutions, as well as in the selection of a supervising university lecturer.


It is recommended that you complete the modules that are planned for the first three semesters according to the schedule of studies.

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