Gary Larson Cartoons - closed

Dear reader,

I have been and still am a big fan of Gary's work, which I have never seen being topped by any other cartoonist (anybody willing to compete may find some basic hints on the picture to the right ;-)
In the early days of the Internet I set up this Web site to showcase some of Gary's art-work, for the pleasure of people familiar with it and to introduce those who are new to it.

Over the years I received quite a few emails asking me all kinds of Larson-related questions. Well, most of the more recent ones were pointing me to the outdated links on the page ;-) I have not updated this Web site since there was nothing to update: this page was never intended to be the solution for every 'Where can I find that particular cartoon?'-problem. I didn't have enough time to answer all those questions and in many cases I didn't know the answer either.

My experience during all that time was that whenever people asked me about where they could find a particular cartoon, all were very willing to buy a whole book if only I could tell them which one! Thus, I never understood and still don't understand why Gary apparently urged other people to take down their fan-sites (there is a letter floating around supposed to originate from him but I never received an 'official' copy of it)

The reason why I'm closing this site is simply that with all the email enquiries it triggers and the outdated links on it, the site desperately needs maintenance, which unfortunately I can't provide!

So long and thanks for the fish!