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Oberwolfach Mini-Workshop
Linear Series on Algebraic Varieties


October 3-9, 2010


  • Thomas Bauer, Marburg
  • Cristiano Bocci, Siena
  • Susan Cooper, Nebraska (NSF grant)
  • Sandra Di Rocco, Stockholm
  • Marcin Dumnicki, Krakow
  • Lawrence Ein, Chicago
  • Laurent Evain, Angers
  • Brian Harbourne, Nebraska
  • Jun-Muk Hwang, Seoul
  • Kelly Jabbusch, Stockholm
  • Andreas Leopold Knutsen, Bergen
  • Alex Küronya, Freiburg
  • Rick Miranda, Fort Collins
  • Roberto Munoz, Madrid
  • Joaquim Roe, Barcelona
  • Hal Schenck, Urbana
  • Tomasz Szemberg, Krakow
  • Zach Teitler, College Station


  • Cristiano Bocci: The effect of points fattening on postulation
  • Susan Cooper: Hilbert Functions and Initial Degrees of Fat Points
  • Marcin Dumnicki: Non-speciality of linear systems: the effect of rescaling
  • Lawrence Ein: Asymtotic syzygies of algebraic varieties
  • Laurent Evain: Collisions of fat points and applications
  • Brian Harbourne: Open problems related to effectivity of linear systems
  • Jun-Muk Hwang: Seshadri numbers along the diagonal and linear syzygies
  • Kelly Jabbusch: Seshadri constants for vector bundles on toric varieties
  • Andreas Leopold Knutsen: Isolated smooth curves in Calabi-Yau threefolds
  • Alex Küronya: Arithmetic properties of volumes of divisors
  • Rick Miranda: Dimensions of linear systems on graphs
  • Roberto Munoz: Rank two vector bundles on Fano manifolds
  • Joaquim Roe: Linear systems of plane curves with singularities A-D-E
  • Hal Schenck: Resonance varieties via blowups of P^2 and scrolls
  • Tomasz Szemberg: New remarks on Seshadri constants
  • Zach Teitler: Combinatorial bounds on Hilbert functions of fat points in the plane


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