Research group "Differential Geometry and Analysis"





Prof.Dr.habil. Ilka Agricola

Research Interests:

- Spin geometry and Dirac operators

- Holonomy theory of connections with torsion

- Manifolds with non-integrable geometries

- Geometry of homogeneous spaces


- Editor-in-Chief of "Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry", member of the editorial boards of "Communications in Mathematics"

- Dean of the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Scientific director of the collection of mathematical models

- Open letter to all European, and in particular French female mathematicians (March 2015)

Upcoming Events:

- Das nächste gemeinsame Mathematische Kolloquium mit Gießen wurde wg. Krankheit verschoben auf den 19. Oktober 2016 und findet in Marburg statt. Es spricht Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Catanese (Universität Bayreuth).

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Ilka Agricola
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