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Download the Eden Compiler

Source Release: GHC-7.6.1

The latest Eden version is GHC-Eden-7.6.1, based on GHC-7.6.1. This version is only available as source code.
Download a source bundle including the compiler and edenmodules and follow the normal build procedure for GHC-7.6.1 (see prerequisites for GHC-7.6.1):

#> perl boot; ./configure ; make             # have a look at our 7.4.2 build page
The source bundle has been tested on x86-linux, x86_64-linux, and Windows/MSYS (LLVM not supported).

Alternatively, you can use a simple build script on linux which downloads and builds the compiler, edenmodules, and edenskel. This script has been tested on x86-linux and x86_64-linux (note that the script might stop working when library versions advance).

In both cases, you will get an Eden variant of the GHC-7.6.1 release (early September 2012).

Full Release: GHC-7.4.2

The last version of Eden with a full release is GHC-Eden-7.4.2 (based on GHC-7.4.2).

Binary Packages:

The binary packages are built for the use without middleware on a single shared memory system (compile programs with option -parcp). To use Eden with PVM/MPI support on a cluster you need to use the source distribution.

Source distribution:

Download a source bundle:


or get the latest sources using git:
  • Download a repository snapshot:
    #>wget http://www.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/~eden/down/ghc-7.4.2-eden_git.tar.gz
  • Extract the archive:
    #>tar xfvz ghc-7.4.2-eden_git.tar.gz
  • Update the repository:
    #>cd ghc-eden && ./sync-all -r http://darcs.haskell.org --extra get -b ghc-7.4 && ./sync-all pull

Alternatively, you can clone all repositories (compiler and libraries) without a snapshot:
  • #>git clone -b ghc-7.4 git://james.mathematik.uni-marburg.de/ghc-eden.git
  • #>cd ghc-eden
  • #>./sync-all -r http://darcs.haskell.org --extra get -b ghc-7.4
    Ignore the error message: darcs failed: unrecognized option `-b'
  • #>./sync-all --extra get -b ghc-7.4

See our Build Page for detailed instructions on building GHC-Eden.

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