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N.Menzel, M. Guthe

Towards Perceptual Simplification of Models with Arbitrary Materials
Pacific Graphics, 2010

E. Derzapf, N. Menzel, M. Guthe

Parallel View-Dependent Refinement of Compact Progressive Meshes
Eurographics 2010, 2010

N. Menzel, M. Guthe

g-BRDFs: An intuitive and editable BRDF representation

N. Menzel, M. Guthe

A Bi-Adaptive Sampling Scheme for Real-Time Subsurface Scattering
in proceedings of VMV08, 2008

N. Menzel, M. Guthe

High Dynamic Range Preserving Compression of Light Fields and Reflectance Fields
in proceedings of VMV07, 2007

N. Menzel, M. Guthe

Freehand HDR photography with motion compensation
in proceedings of Afrigraph07, 2007

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