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Phys-401 — Physics of Atoms and Molecules
(dt. Atom- und Molekülphysik)

Level, degree of commitment Advanced module, compulsory elective module
Forms of teaching and learning,
Lecture (4 SWS), Tutorium (2 SWS), Lern- and Leistungskontrollen gemäß Lehrveranstaltungskommentar,
270 hours (Besuch and Nachbereitung der lecture (90 h), Besuch der recitation class (30 h), Erledigung von Hausaufgaben (90 h), Klausurvorbereitung and Klausur (60 h))
Credit points,
formal requirements
9 CP
Course requirement(s): Written or oral examination.
Examination type: The admission to the module examination can be made dependent on the successful completion of the learning and performance tests.
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for the degree program B.Sc. Physik.
One semester,
each summer semester
Person in charge of the module's outline k.A.


Instruments of atomic physics, size and electrical structure of atoms, one-electron atoms: Schrödinger equation of the hydrogen atom, spin-orbit coupling, fine and hyperfine structure, Zeeman and Stark effect. Two- and multi-electron atoms: Helium, alkali atoms, angular momentum coupling, shell model, excited atom states, Auger effect. Interaction with light: transition rates, selection rules, line widths. Molecules: H2, polyatomic molecules, molecular spectroscopy, vibrations, rotations. Traps, laser cooling, Bose-Einstein condensation, atomic clocks.

Qualification Goals

Students acquire expert knowledge of the atomic structure of matter and its quantum mechanical description. They learn the most important experimental methods and how to work independently on simple quantum mechanical problems in atomic physics. Using examples, students develop an intuition for quantum mechanical phenomena, understand the physical principles of chemical bonding, and gain insight into precision spectroscopies at the current state of research.


Translation is missing. Here is the German original:

Kenntnisse in Mechanik, Elektrizität und Wärme, Optik und Quantenphänomene. Quantenmechanik oder Quantenphysik und Statistik wird dringend empfohlen und sollte ggf. gleichzeitig gehört werden.


Module imported from B.Sc. Physik.

When studying M.Sc. Mathematics, this module can be attended in the study area Minor subject Physics.

Die Wahlmöglichkeit des Moduls ist durch seine Klassifikation als Experimentalmodul aus dem Master Physik (EM) beschränkt.

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