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Cell- and Developmental Biology
(dt. Zell- und Entwicklungsbiologie für Lehramt an Gymnasien-Studierende)

Level, degree of commitment Basic module, compulsory elective module
Forms of teaching and learning,
1) lecture (2,5 SWS) 2) Kurs (2,5 SWS),
180 hours (attendance in den Lehrveranstaltungen 52,5 h, preparation and follow-up inklusive Studienleistungen 97,5 h, Vorbereitung and Ablegen von Prüfungsleistungen 30 h)
Credit points,
formal requirements
6 CP
Course requirement(s): For each day of the course: experiment documentation and / or drawing(s) of selected objects
Examination type: Written examination (60 min.)
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for the degree program LAaG Biologie.
½ Semester,
each summer semester
Person in charge of the module's outline


Introduction to the prokaryote and eukaryote cell, biological membrane, compartmentalization of the eucyte and its consequences, organelles; plasma membrane, cytoplasm, nucleus; ER, Golgi, lysosomal endosomal system, vacuole, microbodies, mitochondria and plastids. Cytoskeleton, information uptake and transmission, evolution of the cell, oogenesis, spermatogenesis, fertilization, furrow types, gastrulation, cotyledons, myogenesis, neurogenesis, segmentation (genetic cascades), floral development, metamorphosis (steroid hormones and receptors), innate immune defense, acquired immune defense. Guided performance of experiments on the topics: Prokaryote and eukaryote cell - an introduction, Molecular methods of cell biology, Cell biology of organelles, Oogenesis, Spermatogenesis, Fertilization, Furrow types, Segmentation, Introduction to immunochemical techniques, Immunological blood grouping.

Qualification Goals


Students will learn the fundamentals of cell and developmental biology while gaining an understanding of basic biological concepts and theories. The goal is to gain the theoretical and practical fundamentals. Protocols are to be submitted on the practical part including the research question, experimental procedure, results and discussion of the results.

Qualification goals:

The module provides basic biological knowledge in cell and developmental biology.




Module imported from LAaG Biologie.

When studying B.Sc. Computer Science, this module can be attended in the study area Minor subject Biology.

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