Forschungsseminar "Differentialgeometrie und Analysis"

I. Agricola, O. Goertsches, P. Ramacher

Wintersemester 2017/18

Die Vorträge finden dienstags von 14.15 - 15.45 Uhr im Seminarraum X (A8) statt.

17.10.2017 [kein Seminar wg. Semesteranfang]
24.10.2017 Ricardo Mendes (Köln)
Strongly positive curvature (joint work with R. Bettiol)
31.10.2017 [kein Seminar wg. Feiertag]
07.11.2017 Eugenia Loiudice (Marburg)
Canonical fibrations of (κ,μ)-spaces
14.11.2017 Jonas Beyrer (Zürich)
Characterizing the isometry group of a non-compact symmetric space by its boundary action
21.11.2017 Leopold Zoller (Marburg)
On the toral rank of symplectic manifolds
28.11.2017 [kein Seminar]
05.12.2017 Tian Xu (Tianjin University, China / Gießen)
Nonlinear Dirac equations on compact spin manifolds
12.12.2017 [kein Seminar]
19.12.2017 [kein Seminar wg. Weihnachten]
09.01.2018 Ramiro Lafuente (Münster)
The long-time behavior of the homogeneous pluriclosed flow
16.01.2018 Giovanni Bazzoni (Madrid)
The action of the fundamental group and bundles of ANSC-type
23.01.2018 Panagiotis Konstantis (Marburg)
Almost complex structures on connected sums of complex projective spaces
30.01.2018 Frank Rösler (Freiburg)
Norm-Resolvent convergence in perforated domains
06.02.2018 Kai Zehmisch (Gießen)
Diffeomorphism type of symplectic fillings

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