Research Seminar "Differential geometry and Analysis"

Ilka Agricola, Oliver Goertsches, Pablo Ramacher

Summer term 2024

Talks are normally on Tuesday, 14:15 (check your local time here, ignore the date - this was a required field), either in the A8 Lounge (08A01 = SR X) or in HS V. Tea will be served beforehand.
If you are interested in following a talk online, please contact Oliver Goertsches.

16.04.2024 [no seminar, term start]
23.04.2024 Carlos Shahbazi Alonso (Hamburg)
Evolution problems for differential spinors on a Cauchy hypersurface
30.04.2024 Elena Mäder-Baumdicker (Darmstadt)
Non-orientable Willmore surfaces and bipolar minimal surfaces in the 5-sphere
07.05.2024 [no seminar]
14.05.2025 [MAM III preparatory meeting]
21.05.2024 Felix Schulze (Warwick University)
Generic regularity of area minimising hypersurfaces in dimension 9 and 10
22.05.2024 Michael Kohlhase (Erlangen) // Wednesday, 5 pm!
joint Kolloquium with Gießen: Prospects of formalized mathematics
28.05.2024 Oliver Goertsches (Marburg)
Stiefel-Whitney classes of GKM manifolds
04.06.2024 Double talk:
14:00-15:00 Tancredi Schettini-Gherardini (London)
15:15-15:45 Malte Schulz (Marburg)
On solution schemes of the vacuum Einstein equation in higher dimensions (bachelor defense)
11.06.2024 Yannik Waßmuth
Persistent homology on graphs
18.06.2024 Jordan Hoffmann (Marburg / London)
25.06.2024 Nikolas Wardenski (Haifa)
02.07.2024 Markus Schlarb (Würzburg)
Differential geometry of Stiefel manifolds and applications
09.07.2024 Anke Pohl (Bremen)
Resonances of Schottky surfaces
16.07.2024 Emilio Lauret (Universidad Nacional del Sur, Argentina)

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