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Past Conferences and Schools:

Gemeinsames Mathematisches Kolloquium mit Gießen:

- SS 2011: Prof. Huisken am 15.6.2011 (in MR), "Geometrische Evolutionsgleichungen für die Deformation von Flächen"

- WS 2011/12: Prof. Ziegler am 23.1.2012 (in GI), "From cutting polygons to cohomology of configuration spaces - a sightseeing trip"

- SS 2012: Prof. Wolfgang Lück von der Universität Bonn am 13.6.2012 (in MR), "L_2-Betti numbers and their applications"

- WS 2012/13: Prof. Harder von der Universität Bonn am 13.6.2012 (in GI), "Cohomology of arithmetic groups".

- SS 2013: Prof. Dr. Barbara Wohlmuth von der TU München am 19.6.2013 (in MR), "Consistent Modelling of Interface Conditions for Multi-Physics Applications".

- SS 2014: Harald Andrés Helfgott aus Paris am 25.6.2014 (in MR), "The ternary Goldbach conjecture".

- WS 2014/15: Prof.Dr. Alain Valette aus Neuchâtel/Schweiz am 11.02.2015 (in GI).

- SS 2015: Prof. Dr. Hans-Otto Peitgen aus Bremen am 08.07.2015 (in MR), "Wie Mathematik in der onkologischen Medizin helfen kann".

- WS 2015/16: Prof. Dr. Bertrand Remy von der Ecole Polytechnique, Palaiseau am 20.1.2016 (in GI), "Tilings, groups, buildings".

- SS 2016: Prof. Dr. Fabrizio Catanese (Universität Bayreuth), geplant am 11.5.2016, wg. Krankheit verschoben auf den 19.10.2016 (in MR), "Configurations of lines and interesting algebraic surfaces".

Activities in the Winter Term 2012/13:

- Mathematisches Kolloquium am 21.11.2012: Es spricht PD Dr. Katharina Habermann (Göttingen) [Poster].

Activities in the Winter Term 2010/11: Festkolloquium des Fachbereichs am 2.2.2011 [Fotos]

Activities in the Summer Term 2009:

- Öffentlicher Vortrag "Mathematik und Demokratie" von Prof. Dr. Friedrich Pukelsheim, Alte Aula, 18. Mai, 17 Uhr [Poster]

- Antrittsvorlesung "Dirac-Operatoren und Geometrie", Alte Aula, 1. Juli, 18 Uhr. Bitte bei Frau Teubner anmelden!

Activities in the Summer Term 2008:

Concert "A Swing in the Park" by Consortium Musicum Bünde - Music from five centuries by Gabrieli, Franck, Telemann and others
Saturday 28 June, 7 p.m., Ernst-Reuter-Saal (Reuter-Haus, Dorotheenstr. 24) [map] [poster]

Activities in the Winter Term 2006/07:

Klausurtag 13. Oktober 2006:

Klausurtag der Arbeitsgruppe "Globale Analysis und Differentialgeometrie" ganztägig im Raum 1.410. Anschließend feierliche Verabschiedung von Pablo Ramacher.

Dr. S. Chiossi and Dr. R. Cleyton will organize a seminar on Deformation theory of complex structures.

Dr. habil. Ilka Agricola organisiert ein Seminar über Lie-Gruppen und homogene Räume.

Activities in the Winter Term 2004/05:

Prof. Dr. Andrew Swann (Odense) will give two 90-minutes lectures on

Quaternions and special holonomies.

Schedule: Monday, 24.01.2005 9:15-11:45 and Wednesday, 26.01.2005, 11:15-12:45 in the Seminar Room 1.315.

Abstract: The talks will circle around bundle constructions for metrics with reduced holonomy, like the Bryant-Salamon construction of G2 metrics and constructions of hypercomplex manifolds and twistor spaces based on the speaker's previous work.

Activities in the Winter Term 2003/04

Dr. Pawel Nurowski will give a series of 5 talks entitled

Introduction to Cartan's equivalence method.

Schedule: Tuesday 11.00-12.30 (!), room 4.005, Begin: 18.11.2003, end: 16.12.2003. See also the homepage of the Seminar "Special geometries and Holonomy".

The lectures will be based on the textbook:

P. Olver "Equivalence, Invariants and Symmetry", Cambridge University Press, 1996, Ch. 8-13.

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