Workshop May 29-31 2014
Castle Rauischholzhausen

Accommodation Ilka Agricola (
Participants István Heckenberger (
Travel information Ralf Köhl (

The workshop takes places at Castle Rauischholzhausen near Marburg. Its aim is to bring together in a casual and friendly atmosphere mathematicians working on all areas of analysis, geometry and algebra that are related to Sophus Lie's work [more information...]

Now available: [Pictures/ 29.6.2014] [Programme] [Poster]

Plenary speakers include:
Anna Fino (Torino, Italy) Vicente Cortes (Hamburg)
Ulrich Krähmer (Glasgow, UK) Konrad Waldorf (Greifswald)

Pictures from previous meetings in Rauischholzhausen: 2009 2011 2012

- sponsored by SPP 1388 "Representation Theory" and MARA - the MArburg University Research Academy -

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