March 8 - 11, 2016
Castle Rauischholzhausen
Lie Theory and Geometry




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For all practical questions:
please contact the conference secretary, Birgit Straßheim


From Gießen: Mohameden Ahmedou,Max Horn, Ralf Köhl, Bernhard Mühlherr

From Marburg: Ilka Agricola, Thomas Bauer, Oliver Goertsches, István Heckenberger, Pablo Ramacher, Sönke Rollenske

29.2.2016:The programme is now available! Online (left margin) and as pdf file, including useful local informations. Printed versions will be available at the Castle.

This joint Marburg-Gießen workshop takes places at Castle Rauischholzhausen near Marburg. Its aim is to bring together in a casual and friendly atmosphere scientists working in Lie theory and adjacent areas from algebraic and differential geometry as well as harmonic analysis.
The Workshop is funded by the SPP 1388 "Representation Theory".

Plenary speakers include:
Anton Alekseev (Geneva) Ines Kath (Greifswald)
Idrisse Khemar (Nancy) Alex Küronya (Frankfurt)
Ehud Meir (Hamburg) Stefan Müller-Stach (Mainz)
Gerhard Röhrle (Bochum)

Pictures from previous meetings in Rauischholzhausen: 2009 2011 2012

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