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Level, degree of commitment Advanced module, compulsory elective module
Forms of teaching and learning,
VL „Molekulare Genetik“ UE „Molekulare Genetik“ KU „Molekulargenetischer Kurs“,
360 hours (Molekulare Genetik (120 h), Molekulare Genetik (30 h), Molekulargenetischer Kurs (210 h))
Credit points,
formal requirements
12 CP
Translation missing. German original:
Benotetes Protokoll über die durchgeführten Versuche des Praktikums (6 LP) Schriftliche Prüfung mit Benotung (6 LP) über die Inhalte von Vorlesung und Kurs
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for the degree program B.Sc. Biologie.
One semester,
each summer semester
Person in charge of the module's outline N.N.


Molecular Genetics:

Fundamentals of molecular genetics, mechanisms of DNA replication and recombination, regulation of gene expression at the level of transcription and translation, mutations and DNA repair, genetic engineering.

Molecular Genetics:

Exercise hour to deepen the material covered in the VL Molecular Genetics.

Molecular genetics course:

Independent performance of experiments on the topics: Occurrence of spontaneous mutations and Ames test; UV mutagenesis and isolation of auxotrophic bacterial mutants; bacterial conjugation; restriction mapping; regulation of lac operon; use of lacZ as a reporter gene in yeast; genetic linkage analysis.

Qualification Goals

Students learn the fundamentals of molecular genetics while gaining an understanding of key biological processes. The goal is knowledge of the molecular mechanisms of replication, transcription, translation and their respective regulation. The implementation of molecular genetic questions in experiments and their planning and preparation will be practiced, as well as mathematical and graphical methods for the evaluation, documentation, interpretation and discussion of molecular genetic experiments.


Translation is missing. Here is the German original:

Mind. 45 LP aus den Kernmodulen; Das Kernmodul „Genetik/Mikrobiologie“ muss erfolgreich abgeschlossen sein.


Module imported from B.Sc. Biologie.

When studying M.Sc. Mathematics, this module can be attended in the study area Minor subject Biology.

advanced module in biology

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