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PraxisLab mathematics
(dt. PraxisLab Mathematik)

Level, degree of commitment Practical module, depends on importing study program
Forms of teaching and learning,
Das Modul wird in drei parallelen and aufeinander abgestimmten Teilen im Fach EGL sowie dem gewählten Fach I and Fach II durchgeführt: Schulpraktikum (Fach 50 h), seminar (2 SWS) and gemeinsames Blockseminar (Fachanteil 0,5 SWS) zusammen mit Fach II and E,
180 hours (attendance in den Lehrveranstaltungen 95 h, 55 h preparation and follow-up inklusive Studienleistungen, 30 h Vorbereitung and Ablegen von Prüfungsleistungen)
Credit points,
formal requirements
6 CP
Course requirement(s): Carrying out at least one teaching experiment in the school internship and working on a task related to subject concepts in the block seminar. Compulsory attendance
Examination type: Internship report or portfolio (8-15 pages)
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for the degree program LAaG Mathematics. In the event of failure, a total of 4 attempts are available for the examination.
Origin LAaG Mathematics
One semester,
each semester
Person in charge of the module's outline Dr. Roland Weber


The content of the practical school phase will be discussed, analysed and reflected upon in an accompanying seminar on the professional handling of subject scientific, subject didactic and pedagogical perspectives. This also includes practice in dealing with the expectations of the professional role through reflection on self-perception and external perception.

Qualification Goals

The module is based on the corresponding module ProfiWerk Mathematics and ProfiPraxis and is complemented by the parallel modules PraxisLab EGL and PraxisLab of the other subject. Using selected subject-specific and methodological basic concepts, the students transfer their exemplary system understanding of the subject via a subject-didactic modelling process of tasks into the staging of lessons and classify and systematize their acquired findings, the observations made and the action experiences gathered in the context of teacher professionalization in a broad and differentiated manner.


Module PraxisStart and at least simultaneous participation in the modules ProfiPraxis EGL, ProfiWerk Subject I/II and PraxisLab Subject II/EGL. The school internship I is still required and the competences that are taught in a specialised advanced mathematics module are recommended.


The module can be attended at FB12 in study program(s)

  • LAaG Mathematics

When studying LAaG Mathematics, this module must be completed in the study area Practical Module.

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