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Prof.Dr.habil. Ilka Agricola

Research Interests:

- Spin geometry and Dirac operators

- Holonomy theory of connections with torsion

- Manifolds with non-integrable geometries

- Geometry of homogeneous spaces


- Editor-in-Chief of Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry and Mathematische Semesterberichte, member of the editorial boards of Communications in Mathematics and Journal of the European Mathematical Society

- Member of the Senate of Philipps-Universität Marburg (see also "Liste UH"), Head of the Vertrauensrat

- Chair of the Committee on Electronic Information and Communication (CEIC)of the IMU for the term 2023-2026

- Scientific director of the Collection of Mathematical Models, direkt link to the Faculty's youtube channel with the Collection's playlist

- Head of the research project Math4VIP - A new dimension in accessibility of mathematics curriculum for students with visual impairment in STEM subjects

Upcoming / recent Events:

28.05.-02.06.2023: Spinorial and octonionic aspects of G_2 and Spin(7) geometry, Banff, Canada. This meeting is organised together with Spiro Karigiannis, Jason Lotay, Sergey Grigorian, and Shubham Dwivedi.

20.08.-26.08.2-23: Prospects in Geometry and Global Analysis at Castle Rauischholzhausen (near Marburg) - finally again!

24.09.-29.09.2023: BIRS Workshop Women in Geometry 3, Banff, Canada. Lead organizer is Catherine Searle. Ines Kath, Marie-Amelie Lawn, and I will head a team on spin geometry and special geometric structures.

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