Workshop May 29-31 2014
Castle Rauischholzhausen

Programme [pdf]
Travel information

The talks start on Friday at 9:00 am and end on Saturday at 16:40 pm. The bus to Marburg Hauptbahnhof will leave around 17:00, i.e. shortly after the end of the last talk.

Please note: The Castle Rauischholzhausen does not have any larger blackboards, only a small one for writing short comments. We recommend to use a laptop with beamer or overhead transparencies. If you do not want to bring your own laptop, we can provide one (please bring your talk on memory stick in pdf format then).

Boards for a poster session are available at the Castle. All participants are invited to make a contribution to it. The size of the boards is: 140 cm high, 115 cm wide. We suggest half width posters, so that one can put two on one panel.

Thursday, May 29th Friday, May 30th Saturday, May 31st
9:00-9:50: Anna Fino (Torino) 9:00-9:50: Vicente Cortes (Hamburg)
Solvable Lie groups and Hermitian geometry Symplectic Lie groups
10:00-10:30: coffee break 10:00-10:30: coffee break
arrival 10:30-11:20: Ulrich Krähmer (Glasgow) 10:30-11:20: Wolfgang Bertram (Nancy)
On the Dolbeault-Dirac operator of a quantised Hermitian symmetric space Touching an associoid
11:30-12:10: Alexander Alldridge (Köln) 11:30-12:10: Aleksy Tralle (Olsztyn)
Fourier inversion and Paley-Wiener theorem for Riemannian symmetric superspaces of rank one Almost compact Clifford-Klein forms
lunch break lunch break
14:00-14:40: Maurizio Parton (Pescara) 14:00-14:40: Oliver Goertsches (Hamburg)
Spin(9), Rosenfeld planes and canonical differential forms in octonionic geometry Positively curved GKM-manifolds
14:50-15:30: Max Horn (Gießen) 14:50-15:30: Valdemar Tsanov (Bochum)
Generalized Spin groups Cohomological components of modules
15:40-16:10: coffee break 15:40-16:00: coffee break
16:10-16:50: Andreas Arvanitoyeorgos (Patras) 16:00-16:40: Cristian Lenart (MPI Bonn)
Homogeneous Einstein metrics on Stiefel manifolds and compact Lie groups Specialized Macdonald polynomials, quantum K-theory, and Kirillov-Reshetikhin modules
17:00: bus departing near Marburg Hauptbahnhof 17:00-17:40: Boris Kruglikov (Tromsø) 17:00: bus departing at Castle main entrance
Homogeneous almost complex and related structures in dimension 6
19:00: dinner 19:00: dinner 18:00: dinner (if booked)

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