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Preprints by the Discrete Math Group


Frank Heckenbach, Jean-Guilleaume Dumas, Dave Saunders, Volkmar Welker
Simplicial Homology (Manual for a proposed GAP-Package)
(Postscript document)

F. Lindner
Finite numbers of initial ideals in non-Noerhterian polynomial rings

I. Heckenberger, J. Shareshian, V. Welker
On the lattice of subracks of the rack of a finite group

D. Bolognini, A. Macchia, E. Ventura, V. Welker
The poset of proper divisibility
(SIAM J. Disc. Math. to appear)

Sarfraz Ahmad, Volkmar Welker
Partial barycentric subdivision
(Result Math. to appear)

Aldo Conca, Martina Kubitzke, Volkmar Welker
Betti numbers of barycentric and edgewise subdivisions
(Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. to appear)

Interdisciplinary Work


Ekkehard Batzies, M. Kreutzer, Dennis Leucht, Volkmar Welker, Oliver Zirn.
Calibration of a robust 2 DOF path monitoring tool for industrial robots and machine tools based on parallel kinematics.
Proc. Annual Meeting of the ASPE (American Association of Precision Engineering) 2007.

Ekkehard Batzies, Volkmar Welker, Oliver Zirn, T. Schöller
Optimal control of direct driven feed axes with flexible structural components.
Proc.IEEE Conference on Power Electronics and Drives Systems (PEDS 2007). 2007.

Raphael Fuchs, Volkmar Welker, Joachim Hornegger
Non-convex Polyhedral Volume of Interest Selection Journal of Computerized Medical Imaging and Graphics, 34 (2010) 105--113.

Weiwei Cheng, Eyke Hüllermeier, Willem Waegeman, Volkmar Welker
Label ranking with partial abstention based on thresholded probabilistic models
Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 25 (NIPS-12) (2012) 2510--2518.

Ekkehard Batzies, Lukas, Katthän, Volkmar Welker, Oliver Zirn
Optimal damping of servo axis using Gröbner bases
Optimization and Engineering 15 (2015) 183--201.




Helene Barcelo, Joseph Kung, Volkmar Welker
Proceedings of FPSAC 2001 (Phoenix, AZ)
Advances in Applied Mathematics , Volume 30, Elsevier, 2003.

Alexander Barvinok, Matthias Beck, Christian Haase, Bruce Reznick, Volkmar Welker
Integer points in polyhedra : Geometry, Number Theory, Algebra, Optimization
Contemporary Math. 374, Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2005.

Gunnar Floystad, Peter Orlik, Volkmar Welker Algebraic Combinatorics
Lectures on Arrangements and Cellular Resolutions at a Summer School in Nordfjordeid, Norway, 2003
Springer Verlag, Heidelberg, 2007.

Matthias Beck, Christian Haase, Bruce Reznick, Michele Vergne, Volkmar Welker, Ruriko Yoshida
Integer Points in Polyhedra
Contemporary Math. 452, approx. 193 pp; Amer. Math. Soc., Providence, RI, 2008.


  • J. Hornegger, V. Welker: Computer aided selection method for a portion of a volume, Patent WO002004027641A3, pending.
  • C. Georg, J. Hornegger, K.J. Klose, V. Welker: Method and x-ray system for detecting position changes of a medical implant, DE000010316558B4. granted 2005.