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Advanced Bird Identification and Ecology of Birds
(dt. Vertiefende Artenkenntnis in der Ornithologie)

Level, degree of commitment Profile module, compulsory elective module
Forms of teaching and learning,
Exkursionen “Ornithologische Exkursionen im Winter“ (2 SWS), Exkursionen “Ornithologische Exkursionen im Sommer“ (2 SWS),
180 hours (Exkursion 1: 20 h Exkursion 2: 20 h private study inkl. Vorbereitung and Ablegen der Prüfungen: 140 h)
Credit points,
formal requirements
6 CP
Course requirement(s):
Examination type: Written examination
The grading is done with 0 to 15 points according to the examination regulations for the degree program B.Sc. Biologie.
Two semesters,
each semester
Person in charge of the module's outline Kraft



Identification of native birds with emphasis on wading birds and waterfowl. Introduction to recording visible diurnal migration and identifying winter territories. Behavior and ecology of birds in winter with emphasis on the EU bird sanctuary ''Lahntal between Marburg and Giessen''. The excursions will lead to selected higher points to observe migrating birds. In addition, typical biotope complexes are visited in order to get to know bird guilds in winter. The rivers Lahn and Ohm as well as the dredging ponds near Niederwald, Niederwalgern and Niederweimar play an important role.

In summer

Identification of native birds with emphasis on songbirds. Knowledge of songs and courtship behavior of birds within the breeding season. Field trips will be to various biotope complexes such as woodlands, hedgerows, wetlands, and urban areas. In addition, there will be an introduction to bioacoustics as well as typical bird population recording methods.

Qualification Goals

In-depth knowledge of different breeding and resting bird species, their systematic classification, lifestyle and habitat preferences. For migratory birds, special emphasis will be placed on phenology, migration strategies, behavior during active migration and resting, and important resting habitats. During the summer semester, students will gain a sound knowledge of bioacoustics. Furthermore, the acquisition of an overview of endangerment and protection of selected species is very important. Special emphasis will be placed on conflicts with forms of nature use. Overall, the participants should gain a detailed insight into the species diversity of birds.




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When studying M.Sc. Mathematics, this module can be attended in the study area Profile Area Biology.

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