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The following people primarily attend to the development of JEPC:

Faculty: Prof. Dr. Bernhard Seeger

Developer Responsibilities E-mail Prefix
Nikolaus Glombiewski JDBC Bridge, Query Optimizer glombien
Bastian Hoßbach Core, Bridges, Matchmaker bhossbach
Marcus von Keil JEPC-QL Compiler, Web Service Interface vonkeil
Michael Körber TPStream, Native Engine koerberm
Andreas Morgen JDBC Bridge, Native Engine morgen
Marcus Pinnecke Federation Manager pinnecke
Franz Ritter JDBC Bridge ritterf
Marc Seidemann Event Stores seidemann
Stefan Wöllauer Query Indexes woellauer

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We invite students of our department to actively support the development of JEPC with ideas, programming and theses. Interested students can simply talk to us personally or send us an e-mail.