Java Event Processing Connectivity

Many existing applications benefit from event processing or are enabled by it. Algorithmic trading, business process monitoring and sensor-based human-computer interaction are just a few examples of applications that require or take advantage of event processing. The Java Event Processing Connectivity (JEPC) is a middleware that unifies, simplifies and enriches event processing (EP) in Java. Independent of the used EP provider, JEPC offers always the same easy-to-use API, powerful query language, clear semantics and natural behavior.

Because JEPC decouples applications and EP providers completely, it is possible to exchange different EP providers without the need for modifying the application code and query definitions. Therefore, EP applications can be moved, shared and sold without depending on certain EP products. Additionally, JEPC extends EP providers beneath by new features like updatable queries, allows the building of distributed and federated infrastructures for analyzing big data in motion, and supports the implementation of solutions for dynamic anomaly management. JEPC is open source and freely available.