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M.Sc. Computer Science — Profile Area Geography

If the profile area geography is chosen, modules amounting to 12 CP must be selected. If the profile area Geography (depending on the study and examination regulations) has not yet been taken in the Bachelor's program or corresponding modules have not been completed in the key competence area, 6 CP must be acquired in modules marked "T1" and one of the modules marked "M1" or "M2" must also be completed. Otherwise, at least 6 CP must be acquired in modules "T1", "T2" and "T3", and there must not be any similarity of topics in the "T1" modules "Basic Knowledge" and "Basic Competence" with modules already taken (e.g. if "Basic Competence: Urban Geography" has already been taken, "Basic Knowledge: Urban Geography" may no longer be chosen).

List of modules in this area of study:

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Please note:

This page applies to the most current examination regulations in Winter semester 2023/24. If you are studying according to an earlier or later examination regulation other provisions may apply:

  • Winter 2016/17 (no corresponding element)
  • Summer 2018 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2018/19 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2019/20 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2020/21 (no corresponding element)
  • Summer 2021 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2021/22 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2022/23 (no corresponding element)
  • Winter 2023/24

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