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Download is a shortcut to the available software packages. Here, you get straight to the instructions on how to recieve, install and use the algorithms within the packages. You may navigate this page by using the directory on the left.

Marburg Software Library

Marburg Software Library (MSL)
an adaptive solution

The Marburg Software Library is a collection of wavelet based c++ algorithms to solve multivariate partial differential equations. It is at the heart of the Wavelet and Multiscale Library. Here you can download it as zipped or tared file and inspect a documentation of all the contained classes and files. A versioning control system is not included here. For someone who is interested to participate and contribute to the MSL we recommend to download the instruction and get the software from the git repository
Marburg Software Library v1.0(.tgz, 1,3 mb) Marburg Software Library v1.0(.zip, 2,0 mb) Documentation MSL with Git instruction
Graphical User Interface (GUI) for the MSL

Here you can download a GUI for the MSL. At the moment it solves well-posed partial differential equations on the unit intervall based on the adaptive scheme by Cohen, Dahmen and DeVore. One of the main goals in the near future is to expand the GUI to problems on cubes and L-shaped domains
Download GUI Ubuntu-Version


Subdivision package

Refinable functions can be computed with subdivision schemes. This package provides a C++ implementation of a subdivision scheme.

Demo View source code Subdivision (.tgz, 200 kb)
Spline Wavelet package

This package provides a C++ implementation to generate plots of various spline wavelets.

Demo View source code Visualize spline wavelets (.tgz, 17.3 kb)


MS-Lib multiscale scripts

MS-Lib, the Multiscale Library scripts, provides algorithms for Matlab or Octave. It can be accessed by checking it out from its svn repository:

svn checkout https://ms-lib.svn.sourceforge.net/svnroot/ms-lib [destination path]

The svn checkout command retrieves the contents of the repository by creating a working copy on your machine. Alternatively, you can download the latest MS-Lib tarball and extract its content to your desired destination path.

After checking out or downloading MS-Lib to your computer, locate the folder of the 'install.m' file. Open Matlab/Octave in that folder and execute the command run install. Now you are ready to go.

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Two files are provided within the Multi-Tiling-Plotter: the script 'tiling1.m' calculates the tiling sets, and 'tiling1.fig' provides a graphical user interface. The script is written for the numerical computing environment Matlab.

The ZxZ Tilings is an executable program intended to run on MS Windows type operating systems.

Demo Multi-Tiling-Plotter (.tgz, 110 kb) ZxZ-Tilings (.zip, 1.4 mb) Contact