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We invite interested reserchers, in particular members of the DFG Priority Program 1324, to participate within the Wavelet and Multiscale Library. Just sent your proposal to waveletsoft@mathematik.uni-marburg.de.


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Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft: DFG Priority Program 1324

Mathematical models of complex systems form the foundation for further technological developments in science, engineering and computational finance. A deeper understanding of the mathematical foundations as well as the development of new and efficient numerical algorithms are the main goals of this DFG Priority Program.


Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz: Jun.-Prof. Dr. Thorsten Raasch

Major research topics of the numerics group in Mainz are: Adaptive wavelet schemes for operator equations, regularity theory for partial differential equations, construction of wavelets, wavelet quadrature formulas, frame theory and application to biological models.

JGU Mainz
PU Marburg

Philipps University Marburg: Prof. Dr. Stephan Dahlke

The main research topics of the numerical analysis group in Marburg are: Adaptive wavelet schemes for deterministic and stochastic operator equations, regularity theory for partial differential equations, construction of wavelets for general scalings, construction of (Banach) frames on manifolds, shearlet theory, coorbit theory, and mathematical modelling of microbiological systems.

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