Oleg Lobachev


Image on the right is a visualization of my old public key.

I am now with Leibniz-Fachhochschule. I am teaching computer science. My research focuses on 3D reconstructions of medical data and their visualization in virtual reality.

My old group has an automatically updating page with my publications. You can find my old Marburg page (with information on old projects) here. My ORCID. My GitLab.

How to reach me

Write me an email: or .

You can reach me in Hannover at Expo Plaza 11.


Obligatory: The original publications for 2008–2012 are available at springerlink.com.

Short bio

Books, etc.


Photography, typography. For the second: look at my PhD thesis or my Habilitation thesis PDFs, they were done with LaTeX. For the first: email me.

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